25 Year STAIN-PROOF™ Protection WarrantyOur 25 Year STAIN-PROOF™ Protection Warranty available for all GRANITE (Optional)
15 Year WarrantyManufacturer's 15 Year Warranty available for all QUARTZ (Registration Required)

STAIN-PROOF™ PROTECTION WARRANTYOur optional 25 Year STAIN-PROOF™ Protection Warranty is an after sales service where our trained technician seals your granite (when dry after installation) using a long lasting treatment. When applied, and with the correct care and maintenance, your work surface will stay beautiful and hygenic for many years to come without the need for regular sealing.

STAIN-PROOF™ Plus is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that provides lasting protection to natural stone worktops from damage caused by water, salts and oil based stains. For more information please view our FAQs section.

PLEASE NOTE: Our STAIN-PROOF™ Protection Warranty states that if the sealed surface is properly maintained but fails then it will be resealed free of charge. A failure is a treated surface that does not repel water and/or stains from a non-acidic, non-solvent based liquid when compared to an untreated surface. A written warranty can only be issued when STAIN-PROOF™ Protection is applied by our trained technician (additional fees apply). The 15 Year Warranty for all quartz requires registration. For more information view the Terms & Conditions.


Please contact us for further details on arranging STAIN-PROOF™ Protection or registering your 15 Year Warranty for quartz.