Care & Maintenance
Dry-Treat Products

To keep your surfaces looking as beautiful as the first day they were installed, and to maintain a hygienic working environment, please use the following as a simple guide for all natural stone and composite quartz.


SEALING RECOMMENDED We always recommend sealing your surface, excluding composite quartz, to allow for plenty of time to clean up liquids before they absorb into the pores. Pores, natural or those formed during the polishing process, can over time fill with particles of dirt. Sometimes that dirt, in particular tannins in tea or curry, can stick to the pores. When protected with STAIN-PROOF™ Plus, liquids are automatically repelled instead of being drawn into the material, making cleaning and maintenance easier. We offer a STAIN-PROOF™ Protection Warranty service for all granites (post installation). Alternatively you can purchase the sealant directly from us (Warranty not included).

QUICK SEAL TESTTo check if your surface is adequately sealed you can carry out the following water test. Place a tablespoon of water on the treated surface for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, soak up the water with a tissue, pressing hard to pick up any liquid within the texture of the surface. If a dark mark remains it means the water has been absorbed into the surface and so more sealer should be applied.